November 3, 2020
Language: English

I wasn’t expecting this but I’m getting tired of driving around town for the necessity. Grocery shopping, take-out pick-up, finishing a whole project with a friend who lived a little over a mile away from me, Pokemon catching… that last one was necessary because it has been the time that my housemates and I go out and take a fresh breath.

It is not the first time I was trapped home. 17 years ago, a virus swirled over Beijing and all school activities were cancelled. Parents weren’t home. I was such a happy kid. Though I lived far away from the city, all I have were those neighbour kids. And my bike. It was a sturdy mountain bike with 21 speeds. I guess I was pretty attached to it.

So I acquired an old bike made in the 70’s and renovated it in June. It made its first debut on my birthday (21st of the month).

Check it out in dizzy time-lapsed video.


It was stolen in Seattle, September 2021. ;(

I miss you. Wish you all the best.