physical prototyping
screen printing
3D printing


Jianzhe Gu
Vidya Narayanan
Guanyun Wang
Harshika Jain
Kexin Lu
Fang Qin
Sijia Wang


Lining Yao
James McCann

Collaboration between Morphing Matter Lab and Textiles Lab, CMU

︎Accepted and presented at SCF 2020

Using FDM printer with thermoplastic filament, we were able to encode shape-memory effect in sheet-like 3D prints that will transform into pre-programmed 2.5D shapes.

But let's bedazzle the single-colored print with color textures, which is achieved by screen printing.

While the main focus of this project is to encode stress information of the material using geometry-based optimization algorithm, I focused on developing the technique of screen printing that work with this particular material (PLA) and surface features.

It has been a great experience for me to combine digital fabrication with crafting skills.

Geodesy+: Inverse Design Tool for Asymmetrical Self-Rising Surfaces with Color Texture from Morphing Matter Lab on Vimeo.